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Encourage and inspire all South Africans to build wealth through property investment


Investor of the Year Dana Boonzaier

Dana Boonzaier, titled the Investor of the Year of 2019 is a property investor from Bloemfontein. He is a physiotherapist by profession but only works part-time as a physio due to his success through property. Starting his property journey in 2008, Dana chose to focus strongly on the student accommodation market in Bloemfontein. In the 18 months leading up to the Investor of the Year awards, he was able to double his entire property portfolio.

Dana mentions that his beloved wife, Sandra Boonzaier and their two children, Christian and Zandri are truly his biggest motivation for what he does.

Dana Boonzaier states that an integral part in investing in property is education and continues to add that having access to and being a part of networks such as SA Property Investors Network are also of utmost importance. The biggest goal for Dana is to add value to other people’s lives. He does this as a physiotherapist, but also through property by educating others in the investment of property and providing roofs over people’s heads and employment to others. By doing so, he is helping to move South Africa forward.


Big League Investor of the Year Taurai Jack

As an infant, Taurai was abandoned by both his parents – however he never lets his background hold him back! Taurai has been a banker for most of his working career. He soon realized that building and owning a ladder (being an entrepreneur) is far better than climbing the ladder in the corporate world.

Taurai started his side hustles, from owning a company that distributed diapers in the high density areas to owning a car rental business that at its peak had 45 cars on the road. With the profits from these two businesses he ventured into chicken rearing and at its high the chicken business produced 3 000 chickens on a monthly basis. However this is the business that almost bankrupted him as the chickens were attacked with health issues. Taurai and his wife Gena lost just over R5 million, in 2015 – 2017. In 2016 he ventured into property investing as this has always been in his heart during the course of all these ventures. Today he co-owns M5 PropertyAddicts with Retha van Rooyen, a company in 4 cities Johannesburg, Tshwane, Durban and Cape Town. After successfully running his business as a side hustle for close to 2 years, he left corporate at the beginning of 2019.

Taurai and his team currently provide housing to just below 200 families & 150 Students across the 4 cities. As a company they always finds ways to win. They recently co-founded a stokvel and have raised almost R1 000 000 in 3 months with the aim to crowd fund and buy more properties. Taurai enjoys spreading the word of property investing and he is regularly on radio talking on the subject.

Whilst Taurai enjoys connecting everyday people to property wealth his family is his priority. He is married to his beautiful wife Gena, a property coach,  and they have 2 kids Tawana (11) and Hope (4) who both enjoy traveling and visiting the bush.


Innovative Investor of the Year SILINDILE LESEYANE


SILINDILE LESEYANE: Founder & Chair person: Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel

Silindile Leseyane is a wife and mother to two wonderful children and a successful property investor. She has an MBA from Wits Business School and Indiana University (USA). Silindile is a property investor and started Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel in June 2019 as she believed that as a collective we can achieve more. The Stokvel has raised over R1 million in just 5 months with an active membership of 60 members. She is the winner of the South African Property Investor of the year 2019 under the most innovative category. She has been fortunate to have been covered in multiple media outlets and is often invited to speak at events about property stokvels.


Zakhele Zak Myeza, also known as The Bus in rugby, is a 33 year old entrepreneur, sports fanatic and keen world traveller. He has a BSc(Eng) Electrical and MSc(Eng) Industrial both obtained from Wits University. In his profession, he solves companies profitability problems by focussing on their systems, the manufacturing process and waste reduction. Consistent, Predictable, Quality.

His passion for property started at a young age through house sitting with his mother and viewing houses they couldn’t afford. Added to his keen interest for D.I.Y projects and practical spaces, Zak’s property investment journey finally began with what is favourably known as The Bus Stop today. The Bus Stop is a home away from home self catering multi-national accommodation targeting exchange students through its personalised attention to comfort, convenience and the added benefit of the resident “bus driver” to assist them during their stay. Zak has aspirations of growing The Bus Stop to a network of well managed profitable accommodations.


Investor of the Year Judge

Paul Stevens: CEO of Just Property

Paul Stevens

has been the CEO of Just Property Group Holding (Pty) Ltd since 2013, which controls an international team of property franchises. He joined as a franchisee in 2003 and now, as CEO, drives the strategic direction of the Just Property brand with his charismatic optimism. He is also actively involved in the evolution of the South African property landscape, working closely with high-level industry stakeholders. Under Paul’s leadership, the various Just Property brands has been consolidated and the company is now known simply as Just Property. The rebrand hailed the beginnings of a new company culture, driven strongly by the articulation of 9 core company values, which Paul spearheaded. Today, Just Property has 96 franchise offices across Southern Africa. The brand is well recognised locally and internationally, not only as a centre of excellence but also as a disruptor in the property industry. These are products of Paul’s leadership within and across Just Property. Paul’s passion of property has lead him to be an active Property investor, investing in a cross segment from residential flats and townhouses, offices blocks to self storage facilities.
Investor of the Year 2019

Vuyiswa Mutshekwane: CEO of the South African Institute of Black Property Pracitioners (SAIBPP)

Vuyiswa Mutshekwane

Vuyiswa Mutshekwane is the Chief Executive Officer at the South African Institute of Black Property Pracitioners (SAIBPP), a position she has held since 2015. Vuyiswa holds a BCom in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and a Certificate in Property Development and Investment both from UCT. Her dynamic 12-year career has seen her pursues numerous entrepreneurial ventures and gain a broad range of experience in various fields including but not limited to: digital marketing & communications, sales & marketing, retail, events management, trend analysis & forecasting and strategy development & execution. Most recently, she held the position of Marketing & Sales Manager at e-commerce fashion start-up; KISUA, and was responsible for launching the first physical store in South African and driving the global marketing & sales strategy. She has received numerous awards & recognitions including; being selected as one of 16 women globally to represent South Africa in the prestigious Fortune 500- US Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Programme, being featured in the Destiny Magazine ‘Top 40 Under 40’ list, the Young Independents Top 100, and most recently, was a finalist for the Young Business Leader of the Year in the 2018 CNBC Africa All Africa Business Leaders Awards (AABLA).
Investor of the Year Judge

Cilna Steyn: Co-Founder of SSLR Incorporated


Cilna Steyn is an award-winning Businesswoman and the Managing Director of the property specialist law firm, SSLR Incorporated. She completed her LLB Degree at Unisa, after which she was admitted as an attorney in 2007. She co-founded SSLR Incorporated in 2008 where she began her specialisation in evictions. She regularly presents training sessions where she advises groups of rental agents and landlords on matters relating to Landlord and Tenant Disputes as well as in a broader scope of Property Law related matters. She also acts on the panel of experts for the Law Society of South Africa’s Legal Education and Development. She presents seminars on behalf of LSSA: LEAD, educating attorneys nationally on eviction procedures and rental claims. She is one of the drafting attorneys of the TPN (Tenant Profile Network) Residential LeasePack which is the most popular and widely used lease agreement in the rental industry. Cilna authored “The Landlord’s Guide – Property Rental and Eviction” in 2015 and regularly publishes articles in newspapers and peer review magazines. She also appears on television and radio, participating in discussions relating to Property Law and in particular evictions. Cilna is an author for LexisNexis on the topic of Lease and Eviction. Cilna was awarded the silver award for the ROCCI Business Woman Of The Year in 2019.
Investor of the Year Awards Judge

Robin Booth: International Entrepreneur and winner of Investor of the Year 2018


Robin is an award winning international entrepreneur and the winner of the 2018 South African Investor of the Year Award. Although an international businessman and having created a property portfolio in the United States of America, his main passion is South African Real Estate and the art if creating great deals opposed to just hoping they come along. With a property portfolio spanning higher end properties, Airbnb units, rent-to-rent models, Student Housing, commercial property as well as developing land into a multi use shopping centre, he brings this experience to the SAPIN judging panel. “My strategies are not property type specific” he says. “My strategy is always how better to automate, optimise, and then scale.” As an internationally accredited coach, Robin continues to share with his students those same skills and strategies so they too create their own financial freedom.
Investor of the Year Award

Andrew Walker: CEO of SA Property Investors Network

Andrew Walker

Andrew is the founder of SA Property Investors Network, connecting, educating and motivating a growing number of over 50 000 stakeholders in the property industry. Since the first property he bought at the age of 21, Andrew has personally invested in more than 50 properties across South Africa and the UK. His portfolio today includes buy-to-lets, multiple occupations, lease options, land, capital flips and residential developments. Andrew believes in how education and mentorship can empower anyone to make something from nothing. Instrumental to his own growth was the 8 years he spent in the UK, where he trained with the Legacy Education Alliance and spent time under the mentorship of UK property investment gurus, Matthew Sneddon and Harry Barclay. It was during this time that he learned how to apply various finance strategies, which allows him to buy properties without necessarily using his own capital. Insights he happily shares with his students. A proud father and husband, Andrew puts great emphasise on a healthy work-life balance and always dedicates quality time with his family. It’s a principal he instils in his students. Because enjoying the fruits of your labour is after all, the purpose of being your own property boss.

Oscar Siziba: Regional Managing Executive: Relationship Banking at Absa Retail and Business Bank for Gauteng & Limpopo

Oscar Siziba

Oscar has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Wits Business School, a BCom degree (Financial Management) and has completed the Management Development Programme (MDP) at the Gordon Institute of Business Science. He also holds a CAIB(SA) qualification from the Institute of Bankers. He completed a number of internal Executive programmes from London and France. He is also a member of the Institute of Bankers in South Africa and a Professional Banker of SA (PBSA). Oscar has over two decades of banking experience in various segments in the Financial Banking Sector, which includes Retail Banking, Business Banking and Corporate and Investment Banking. He currently chairs multiple forums aimed at uplifting the youth, advancing the social investment agenda and driving transformation.

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