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SA Property Investor of the Year Award 2019

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Investor of the Year Dana Boonzaier


Dana Boonzaier, tiled the Investor of the Year of 2019 is property investor from Bloemfontein. He is a physiotherapist by profession but only works part-time as a physio now, through property. Starting his property journey in 2008, Dana chose to focus strongly on the student accommodation market in Bloemfontein. In the 18 months leading up to the Investor of the Year awards, he was able to double his entire property portfolio.

Dana mentions that his beloved wife, Sandra Boonzaier and their two children, Christian and Zandri are truly his biggest motivation for what he does.

Dana Boonzaier states that an integral part in investing in property is education and continues to add that having access to and being a part of networks such as SA Property Investors Network are also of utmost importance.

The biggest goal for Dana is to add value to other people’s lives. He does this as a physiotherapist, but also through property by educating others in the investment of property and providing roofs over people’s heads and employment to others. By doing so, he is helping to make South Africa better, stronger and moving forward.



Big League Investor of the Year Taurai Jack

At infant, Taurai was abandoned by both his parents – however he never lets his background hold him back!
Taurai has been a banker for most of his working career. He soon realized that building and owning a ladder (being an entrepreneur) is far better than climbing the ladder in the corporate world.

Taurai started his side hustles, from owning a company that distributed diapers in the high density areas to owning a car rental business that at its peak had 45 cars on the road. With the profits from these two businesses he ventured into chicken rearing and at its high the chicken business produced 3 000 chickens on a monthly basis. However this is the business that almost bankrupted him as the chickens were attacked with health issues. Taurai and his wife Gena lost just over R5 million, in 2015 – 2017. In 2016 he ventured into property investing as this has always been on his heart during the course of all these ventures. Today he co-owns M5 PropertyAddicts with Retha van Rooyen, a company in 4 cities Johannesburg, Tshwane, Durban and Cape Town. After successfully running his business as a side hustle for close to 2 years, he left corporate at the beginning of 2019.

Taurai and his team currently provide housing to just below 200 families & 150 Students across the 4 cities. As a company they always finds ways to win, they recently co-founded a stokvel and have raised just below R1 000 000 in 3 months with the aim to crowd fund and buy more properties. Taurai enjoys spreading the word of property investing and he is regularly on radio talking about property investing.

Whilst Taurai enjoys connecting everyday people to property wealth he doubles this by leading his family of 2, where he is married to his beautiful wife Gena a property coach and they have 2 kids Tawana (11) and Hope (4) who both enjoy traveling and visiting the bush.



Innovative Investor of the Year SILINDILE LESEYANE


SILINDILE LESEYANE: Founder & Chair person: Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel

Silindile Leseyane is a wife and mother to two wonderful children and property investor. She has an MBA from Wits Business School and Indiana University (USA). Silindile is a property investor and started Sakhisizwe Property Stokvel in June 2019 as she believed that as a collective we can achieve more. The Stokvel has raised over R1 million in just 5 months with an active membership of 60 members. She is the winner of the South African Property Investor of the year 2019 under the most innovative category. She has been fortunate to have been covered in multiple media outlets and is often invited to speak at events about property stokvels.



Zakhele Zak Myeza, also known as Bus Stop, is a 33 year old entrepreneur. He has a BSc(Eng) electrical and MSc(Eng) Industrial both from Wits, in his profession he solves problems that limit companies profitability with a focus on systems, the manufacturing process and waste to achieve consistent predictable quality.

He is a sports fanatic (Golf, Squash, Tennis, soccer, cricket, chess) with rugby being the prefered option which he played for over 20+ years at various levels. His passion for property started at a young age through house sitting with his mother and viewing houses they couldn’t afford. He has a keen interest for D.I.Y projects and practical spaces which lead to him to investing in what is called the Bus Stop today. The Bus Stop is a home away from home, multi-national accomodation for exchange students with a local “bus driver” to assist during their stay. Zak has aspirations of growing the Bus stop property network of accomodations.

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